Review: Super Health With Food*


Book Info: Vincent S. Filingeri | First Edition Design Publishing | E Book | May 2015

Source: NetGalley 

Note: Although this book is readily available in the U.S., in the UK, it’s only available as a kindle download.

Vincent S. Filingeri, is a licensed psychologist with over 30 years experience in his field, specialising in weight control. It is a subject he has both written about and conducted research into.

Although Super Health With Food may not be the easiest of books to get to grips with when you first start reading, it’s definitely one of the most useful books you could ever have on your bookshelf. 

Over the past few months I’ve read various books on the subject of good health and diet. The premise is not a new one. There have been many books offering various diets promising health benefits. Not all of them living up to the promises they made, but this book isn’t one of them. It makes no promises, it just presents the reader with solid facts. 

Everyone knows Hippocrates famous quote. “Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food”. Many foods have long been known to have healing properties, such as garlic and honey, which are both natural antibiotics and antibacterials, but did you know that sauerkraut and other fermented foods are natural probiotics, which are beneficial to digestive health? Anyone who has watched the film, Forks over Knives’, or read any of Neal Barnard, MDs books on nutrition will be aware of the debate surrounding the studies that show how good health through diet can be achieved.

The first thing to note about this book however, is that it is more of a reference book than a sit down and read cover to cover type book. Each chapter covers a different topic, such as vitamins, minerals, probiotics and hormones. Breaking them down into their individual components. So, the chapter on vitamins, for example, focuses on each vitamin in turn. Under each, there follows an alphabetical list of all the dietary sources of the particular nutrient being covered. It then does the same thing with related health conditions, that would be greatly improved by adding these foods to the users diet.

As someone who has recently transitioned to a vegan diet, this book has actually turned out to be a godsend. Cutting out foods is one thing, but learning what to replace them with requires decent advice and reference material to guide you on the right path. 

There is only one downside to this publication, and this is a purely personal thing. The reading format. As useful as Ebooks have become. For me, this book would work better in hard copy. I don’t find digital books of this type particularly user friendly as it makes the book slightly awkward to navigate. 


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