The Urban Sprite’s Book Reviews will consider both non-fiction and fiction titles. Preferred genres|subjects:

  • History
  • Archaeology
  • Religion & Spirituality (inc. Paranormal)
  • Self-help & Personal Development
  • Food & Drink
  • Travel Writing
  • Historical Fiction (inc. Crime Fiction)
  • Crime Fiction – Cosy, Paranormal & Humorous.
  • Fantasy – Comedy & Time-slip

Submission Notes:

Please send your review requests to, including the following:

  • Full details of the book(s)/audiobook(s) to be reviewed (inc. the publication date).
  • Sample chapter(s).
  • ISBN number(s).
  • Details of the formats available.
  • Relevant artwork.

Review Policy:

Every book accepted for review will be posted on The Urban Sprite’s Book Reviews. However, please be aware that:

  1. Reviews will only be posted on this site, with links posted on my social media accounts. I do not post reviews on online retailers websites. If you would like to post my review or a link to it on your own website, please ask before posting.
  2. Any book submitted will be given a fair and honest review. A favourable review is not guaranteed. However, any criticisms I may have will always be polite but constructive.
  3. My reviews do not include a rating system. Instead, the main critique will highlight the aspects that work and those that don’t, giving reasons why in both instances.

Please note:

If I accept a book for review, I generally prefer to read in paperback, hardback or audiobook format. However, I am able to read Kindle books, if it is impractical to send, due to postage costs.

This is a not for profit site. Most of the books reviewed here are donated to charity once the review has been posted.


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